Mar. 26th, 2010

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It has been a pretty nutty week. I was pretty exhausted from March Meeting, and while it was great to see people in New York last weekend, that wasn't exactly restful either. Starting with APS, and continuing through this week, I've gotten onto a bad cycle where I have a hard time shutting my brain down when it comes time to sleep. I suspect excessive coffee consumption is at least partially to blame, especially when waking up tired makes one want coffee. Tomorrow morning we have the dress rehearsal for the St John Passion, so I get to sleep in a little bit, but not much. But hopefully that will help.

Last night I went to the final talk in MemChurch's Lenten speaker series, where Prof. Mark Jordan of the Divinity School spoke on Christian sexual ethics, particularly regarding same-sex marriage, and directly questioned whether and how churches should be blessing any type of union. The series was co-sponsored by MemChurch and the Harvard Episcopal Chaplaincy, and afterwards I took the opportunity to introduce myself to the Episcopal chaplain. I might try to go to Good Friday services at Christ Church Cambridge, at which that chaplaincy is based. The Choral Fellows are busy for Maundy Thursday, and the Easter Vigil, and are of course with the full choir on Easter Sunday, but don't have to sing (or sit through) three hours of Prof. Gomes's preaching on Christ's Seven Last Words on Friday afternoon.

Anybody planning on going to Pinewoods this summer? I'm not sure what I'd like to do. Scottish Pinewoods is always a blast, if intense -- I don't know how the people who do both the weekend and the week have anything left by the end of it, particularly those who tend to be up late for the post-dance jam sessions. I've heard the English-Scottish session is a bit more laid back, and what's more Liz Donaldson is music directing this year. So I'd think about either doing Scottish Week, Scottish Weekend, or if I were nuts English-Scottish Week plus the Scottish Weekend.

If I were to only go to Scottish Weekend, it might be feasible to do some kind of traveling this summer. I've never really traveled without my family, other than the UChoir tour to Mexico three years ago (which was wonderful, partly because I got to know [ profile] pastwatcher a lot better). So perhaps that would be something worth thinking about.


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