May. 28th, 2011

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I've started to think a little about what I'd like to do in the 5 full days I have (technically, Friday night to Thursday morning) I have to travel in Italy after the light scattering meeting. I'm certainly dividing my time between Florence and Rome -- indeed, while searching around, I found a steal of an air fare from Catania to Florence (significantly less expensive than the base train fare, not including a sleeper surcharge) and so I'll fly directly to Florence on Friday night (yes, I checked for flights to Pisa as well, which has the larger airport).

Right now I'm trying to decide how to apportion my time between Florence and Rome. In some sense it would be natural to spend two days in Rome and three in Florence. There's a ton I'd love to see in Florence, though -- the Uffizi by itself could easily be an all-day affair, and I don't know that I'd like to cram the rest of Florence's historical and architectural sites into one other day. Clearly there's a lot to see in Rome (easily a day in the Vatican City, not to mention the sites of Ancient Rome). But I'm kind of sensing that there's so much in Rome that spending either two or three days is going to feel a bit overwhelming regardless, whereas three full days in Florence might let take in a fair bit without having to run around like crazy.

Thoughts? The decision is complicated by a lot of places (like the Uffizi) being closed on Mondays.


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